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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hallmark Channel' William & Catherine: A Royal Romance [27 August 2011]

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance is an American 2011 television movie that stars Alice St. Clair as Kate Middleton and Dan Amboyer as HRH Prince William of Wales. The movie also features Jane Alexander as HM The Queen and Victor Garber as HRH The Prince of Wales.

The Plot summary provided by Internet Movie Database is, "Chronicles Prince William and Kate Middleton, as young students at St. Andrews, William's Army training at Sandhurst Military Academy, their break-up, reunification, engagement and planning of royal nuptials, and advice from William's grandmother, the Queen."

"We are not afraid to explore the real side of the relationship and the challenges," Dan Amboyer, who plays William, said while promoting the movie at a meeting of the Television Critics Association. "Diana features in the film," Alice St. Clair, who portrays Middleton, said. "There is just really a great sense of relationships within the family. So there is William's relationship with his father and his brother, and you see him calling upon Diana's interview, and watching this interview that Diana did and using her words to kind of guide him through his troubled moments."

Garber, who plays the Prince of Wales, said the recent unavoidable worldwide television wedding event has likely boosted the public mood regarding Britain's monarchy. “I think it has done an enormous service to the royal family, and I think that this film really sort of attempts to kind of humanize them,” he said. “I think because enough time has passed since the tragedy of Diana’s death, that they’re sort of being seen in a different way. And I think that William and Kate have definitely had an enormously positive effect on their reputation, on their how they are perceived.” Even Garber’s character has likely enjoyed a boost in popularity, unthinkable once. “I think that he was vilified in a way,” he said. “Over time that has sort of softened, and yes, I think I certainly my opinion of him has changed somewhat having played him and listened to him. I think he’s kind of an amazing guy, actually.”

The movie is directed by and produced by Emmy® Award-winning producer Linda Yellen ("Playing for Time"). The co-producer is Emmy® Award nominee Brad Krevoy ("Taking Chance").

According to The Hollywood Reporter the movie is scheduled to air August 27, 2011 in the United States on the Hallmark Channel. The movie was filmed on location in Bucharest.

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