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Friday, March 2, 2012

In My Mail [12 November 2011]

One of the happiest moments in my life is when I got my first author autograph!! This author happened to be Amy Plum. I can't thank her enough for sending me a bookplate from FRANCE!! With her autograph on it!

The cute thing is that I got pink daisies that morning before I got the mail. So it was a very nice surprise. (*^_^*) 

In Amman, my city, there are no mail men or mail boxes for every house like in America. We got some local mail companies with boxes that you rent, so the address is the same for so many people with different numbers.

I was sad Amy didn't add her address, I wanted to send her a "Thank You" card.

To Dana, 
Wave with revenants!
Amy Plum

Every time I open the book, I giggle! Thanks Amy!


  1. OMG how'd you get one! :) Congrats Danna!


  2. Hey Arra! Amy Plum has posted on her blog, that whoever writes her a good review on gets a free bookplate. I sent her a link to my blog and amazon reviews and got the bookplate :)

    Check the link here: