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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Am Number Four [2011] The Movie


First of all, I LOVE Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron. I loved Dianna in Glee and The Romantics, I even noticed her in Burlesque [Favorite], she has a sweet voice, not only while singing but even while talking, her voice is so sweet and comforting on the eras, I like to hear her. As for Alex, I loved him in Wild Child [Favorite as well], and he always makes his co-stars look good, because he's handsome, he looked good with Dianna, Emma and Vanessa.

Handsome guy! Beautiful girl! Great combination!

I read the first few chapters of the book, but I watched the movie before finishing it, I liked that the story starts exactly like the book. Even the trailer says exactly like what's written on the back cover.

Henri: We don't love like the humans. With us it's forever. You will never forget.

John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) [We don't know his real name] is an alien from planet Lorien who was sent to Earth as a child alongside eight others to escape an invading race, the Mogadorians, which destroyed their home planet. 

He is protected by a Warrior/Guardian, Henri (Timothy Olyphant), and has developed "legacies" due to his extraterrestrial nature, such as enhanced strength, speed and agility, telekinesis, and the power to generate light from his hands.

The Mogadorians, led by the Commander (Kevin Durand) eventually learn about the nine children and come to Earth in search of them. These Loriens can only be killed in a particular sequence, with three of them having already been slain. John is Number Four.

Knowing this, he and Henri move from Florida to Paradise, Ohio, where John befriends conspiracy theorist Sam Goode (Callan McAuliffe), a dog named Bernie Kosar, and falls in love with amateur photographer Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron), whose ex-boyfriend, school athlete Mark James (Jake Abel) is a bully who often torments both John and Sam.

During the Halloween festivity, Mark and his friends try to capture John and Sarah, whom they believe are in a relationship, and follow them into the woods, where they attempt to beat John up. 

However, he uses his legacies to fend them off and rescue Sarah. Sam witnesses the events, and John tells him his true origin. Shortly thereafter, Mark's father, the local sheriff, interrogates Henri on John's whereabouts when his son and his friends were attacked, and notices that he has a high-tech surveillance system.

Henri tells John that too many people are suspicious of them, in addition to John's random displays of power, caused by his difficulty in controlling them, and that they must leave. However, John tells him he doesn't want to because he's in love with Sarah.


The Mogadorians start searching for John. Another alien from Lorien, Number Six (Teresa Palmer), decided to go after the Mogadorians instead of running away from them after her Guardian was murdered. The Mogadorians eventually locate John and manipulate two conspiracy theorists into capturing Henri. When John and Sam go to rescue him, they are attacked but manage to fend Mogadorians off.

However, Henri is mortally wounded and dies after John and Sam escape with some Lorien artifacts, including a blue rock that acts as a tracking device to locate other Loriens. Sam's father, a conspiracy theorist who disappeared while hunting aliens in Mexico, has another.


While Sam searches for it, John tries to say goodbye to Sarah at a party, only to discover that the Mogadorians have framed him and Henri for the murders of the conspiracy theorists, as well as being terrorists due to their cutting-edge technology. Mark sees John and calls his father, who corners John and Sarah. 


He saves her from a fall, revealing his powers in the process, and they escape to their high school.


Sam: My entire childhood has been an episode of X-files. You know what it's like to feel something so strong, and everyday you keep telling yourself your Dad's gonna come back and take you away from this shithole? And that everything that we believed in was true, and that we're not crazy. Please.

Meanwhile, The Commander also arrives at Paradise, blocking the exits with trucks. He is confronted by Mark and his father, and after injuring the latter, he forces the former to show him where John is hiding, Mark then takes him to the school, which he knows is Sarah's hideout.


There, John, Sarah, and Sam are attacked by the Commander and his soldiers, who have brought two giant monsters to hunt the trio. 


They are saved by Number Six and John's "dog," Bernie Kosar, who reveals his true form as a good Chimera, which can shapeshift, and was sent by his parents to protect him.

Bernie Kosar eventually shapeshifts back to a beagle with a very wounded paw. John and Number Six, who can teleport and block energy-based attacks, fight the Mogadorians. They eventually defeat them all, including the Commander, whose energy grenades are overheated by John and explode, destroying his body.


On the following day, John, Number Six, Sam, and Bernie Kosar, unite their blue rocks and discover the location of the other four surviving Loriens. John decides to let Sam come with them with hopes of finding Sam's father. 

They set off to find the others and rally them together to protect Earth from the Mogadorians, leaving Sarah and a repentant Mark, who has redeemed himself by lying to his father about John's whereabouts and returning to John a box belonging to his father. John, Number Six, and Sam leave Paradise to look for the other Loriens.


The film ends as John narrates that Paradise is the first town he left without Henri, but it's also the first one where he has a reason to come back to.

Sam: I'm Sam. What's your name?
Number 6: Jane Doe.
Sam: That's cool. It's cool. So, are you a number, too?
Number 6: [to John] Who is this tool?

The Posters for the Movie:

Behind the Scenes:

Strangers in Paradise

One of the many things I love in movies are photos, art and dances. In this movie, Sarah is a photographer. She has the cutest website about her little town Paradise, and the name of the website is "Strangers in Paradise".

Sarah photographing John.

Besides her cute website, Sarah likes to scrap in her many journals, about herself leaving her town and seeing the world.


Sarah was telling John about her favorite Camera and it's special lights in photos. Before showing him something and him snooping in her journal. She then gives him her favorite camera to make his own memories.

John: [Reaching for book] What's this?
Sarah: Umm... That is kind of private, actually.
John: It's amazing!
Sarah: Ok, that's enough.
John: [Flipping through book] What, you're allowed to look at everyone else-take our pictures- and we're not allowed see you?
John: Seems like you want to run away.
Sarah: Just be happy when I can get out of here.
John: I don't know - been to a lot of places...
Sarah: You don't have to give me that "there's no place like home" speech, I've heard it.
John: No, No - You can go wherever you want. See whatever you want to but, um... a place is only as good as the people you know in it. I... I think this is a pretty good place. 

And I LOVED the decor of her room, with her origami paper birds, colorful things and her many photos and cameras. Who said the attics are punishment rooms?! I LOVE attics and crooked ceilings!

In the last time Sarah and John had together alone, they went to the school's studio and made his photos negative together. John's photos are like him, strong, quite and lonely.

I hope they don't leave us hanging like they did in Jumper and The Covenant. I hope they make movie number two soon.

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