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Monday, January 23, 2012

Taimour & Shafi'aa | تيمور وشفيقة

I LOVE this movie!! I've watched it so many times!! It's so cute and very funny and romantic!! The poster is so smart. Taymour always promised Shafeqa that he will always have her back wither they were together or not.

When Taymour was young, all he wanted is to grow up like his father and become a policeman than Shafeqa is born and now he also wants her in his life forever.

Shafeqa wanted nothing but Taymour as well, but she wanted to be the first in her class and to have fun with some friends from time to time.
The story revolves around Taymour who studies to be a policeman and later on to be a private bodyguard, who has always been in love with Shafiqa, the neighbor's daughter, who grows up to be an A student and a professor in Nature and later on a minster of nature.

The mothers want nothing more than for the kids to get married and make them grandmothers.

and It seemed like it was going that way until Shafeqa lies to Timo and things turn ugly!
Their love grows deeper through the years, they both live with their moms because both of them became widowed before the kids grow up.

Things were hot and heavy until she decided to lie to Timo and go with her friends without him knowing.
She was not comfortable lying to him.
Yet she did it anyway, and he catches her and he almost loses his job.

Timo tells her they are no longer anything but neighbors and friends because he no longer trusts her. They both suffer his decision for 7 years. Living close to each other but no together.

The troubles begin when Shafiqa lies to Taymour and then she becomes a prime minster and he becomes her bodyguard. Before that Taymour swears that from the day she lied to him, she will become like a sister to him and he kept that promise for 7 years.

Taymour kept to his promise, so they both felt depressed and concentrated on their studies and work
But the surprise came when Shafeqa has become a minster and Taymour was assigned as her bodyguard.
Though he promised he won't look at her or treat her more than a sister, he still felt strong feelings for her.
In conference, Shafqa confesses that she loved someone so much, so long ago, but it didn't work out.
So she decides to get Timo back no matter what, she starts by making him jealous.
But she is the one who get jealous.
Trying to enjoy the wedding of her friend.
Catching the flowers but her groom isn't yet hers.
When Shafeqa is out of the country on an International Meeting, Taymour comes with her and proposes marriage.

She accepts and they spend every free minute together.
While they ski, Taymour asks her to retire from her work.

First she thinks he isn't serious, but when she knows he means it they have a huge fight and she breaks up with him telling him it's no fair for her to leave something she's so good at just because he feels inferior to her.
Taymour is very heartbroken.

So is Shafeqa.

The next day they go to the meeting, and a group of terrorists kidnap some minsters including Shafiqa. And Taymour almost dies trying to save her, then Shafiqa's mind is made, she prefers to have nothing but not lose Taymour.

So finally they get married.
Happily ever after? I don't think so, they keep on fighting but their love will make this relationship survive!

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