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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost in Love by Michelle Reid (1994)

From the Back Cover:
Someplace between heaven and hell...

Four years ago, Guy Frabosa had hurt Marnie so deeply that she vowed never to set eyes on him again and had divorced him in a blaze of pain and anger. He fought her, but she'd had a trump card and had been desperate enough to use it.

Now Guy held all the cards--Marnie needed his financial help and had little choice but to play by her ex-husband's rules. He demanded her body and soul, but the thought of returning to his side as his wife filled her with a raging hatred---made all the more consuming by her utterly wanton desire for his lovemaking.

My Review:
Ooooh I love this book!! Marnie's brother is in trouble again so she asks her ex-husband Guy Frabosa, an ex-Formula 1 driver for help, in return he asks that she comes back to him though she caught him cheating on her with another woman. Despite this he wouldn't let her go. The last scene in the book when Marnie thinks Guy has died in an explosive car and she runs to him is amazing, especially when she finds him safe and sound.

My Copy:

قلوب عبير
ضائعة في الحب

عندما قبلت مارني عرض الزواج من غاي فرابوزا, لم يتبادلا أية كلمة حب

والغريب, مع أن زواجهما فشل, رفض غاي ان تبتعد مارني تماما, والان, بعد مرور 4 سنوات, علمت لماذا, عندما فجأة وبحالة يائسة طلبت مساعدة غاي, حدد ما يريده بالمقابل, تجديد زواجهما. بالنسبة لمارني, هذا يعني الخضوع لرجل لم يحبها يوما, لكن الوقت لم يقض على شوقها الكبير له... او حاجته للسيطرة عليها بالكامل

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