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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harlequin' Impetuous Bride by Caroline Anderson (2001)

From the Back Cover:
The Impetuous Bride by Caroline Anderson

It should have been the happiest day of her life, but as Lydia slipped into her wedding gown, she knew she had to stop the wedding. Jake's whirlwind proposal had been thrilling, but all she wanted was to hear him say he loved her!

A year later, Lydia finds herself at the altar with Jake again -- this time as a bridesmaid instead of a bride! Jake is the best man -- and he's still the only man for Lydia. But can he finally convince his impetuous bride to say "I do"?

My Review:
It's a love story about second chances and misunderstandings that lead to heartache, but it all comes beautifully at the end.

I love this book a lot, I love the characters, the setting, even the wild berries! It's a lovely love story!

My Copy:

روايات أحلام
الحب لا يكذب
تنبهت ليديا يوم زفافها الى انها لم تسمع جاك يقول لها كلمة "أحبك" السحرية التي تحلم بها كل فتاة, فتركته ورحلت

لكن بعد سنة, زواج أخر أعادها الى بلدتها, زواج شقيقتها الوحيدة, فعادت لتجد جاك هو الاشبين
فهل كل ما جمعهما انتهى حقا؟ وهل ستتمكن من الوقوف أمام المذبح مع الرجل الذي تحب, كوصيفة وليس عروس؟ أم ستجد الفرار ملاذها الوحيد مرة ثانية؟

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