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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harlequin' Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird (April 1, 1993)

From the Back Cover: 
Pleasure before business

No teenage crush, Katy's love for Jake Granton was as real as the searing heartbreak of his betrayal. After four years of modeling--and all the male attention a woman could possibly want--she'd actually convinced herself she way over him.

But when she left the limelight and joined the family business, Jake was waiting for her, his possessive kiss reducing her to a mass of aching desire. His reputation as a businessman was ruthless, but his proposition was all-out blackmail: become his mistress or her company would suffer the consequences.


Katy was 14 when her father’s partner came to her boarding school to tell her she lost her mother. Jake was shocked by the strong emotions he felt for a 14 year old girl. He decided to stay away but keep in touch, sending her postcards from everywhere he goes until she’s 18 at least.

Katy goes back home totally infatuated with Jake to find that her father remarried a horrible woman who had he eyes on Jake.

In her 18 birthday Jake comes and asks Katy’s father for her hand in marriage, but before he could go to ask Katy herself, her new stepmother makes a show of throwing herself at him, and that’s what Katy sees and hears her stepmother says that they'd slept together before and when Jake marries Katy, they'll have the perfect cover.

She runs to Paris to her friend’s house, who has a famous photographer uncle, who changes Katy’s name to Lina and makes her a famous model. Without telling Jake the real reasons why she left, she sends him a letter saying she'd met someone else.

Four years later and a now successful model, Katy is ready to hang it all up and go back to her first love as a china designer in her father's company. She meets Jake again and due to her father's bad investments and messy divorce settlement, the company is about to fold. Jake blackmails her into his bed by promising to help the company and Katy agrees. 

Even though it becomes obvious to the reader that Jake's actions are all to do things that he thinks Katy wants, to Katy it's a mystery why Jake is doing things that he wouldn't normally do and she thinks instead that he's trying to publicly humiliate her.

After a disastrous trip to Italy they come back to England, Jake takes Katy after their big fight and confessions to her last surprise, he home with her mother. He bought her childhood house with an old painting of her 14 years old self to tell her that all he did was to get her back, that he doesn't want her as a mistress, that he only wants her for himself as a wife. 

Katy believes Jake and regrets leaving him 4 years ago, for something she only saw without seeing the end. But at least all the secrets are out and they live happily ever after.

My Review: 
This book is one of my favorites love stories of all time!! I wish they would make a movie out of it, it is really good, it is about a man who fell in love with a young girl in her teens and waited for her to grow older so he can tell her how he feels and marry her, but the night he intended to propose she witness something that will change her plans and feelings and their lives as well, and she leaves him to model, while he tried so hard to know what went wrong, but then things go badly and he proposed a dishonourable plan to save her father's work and his heart!! 
My Copy:

روايات أحلام
انتقام الورد

وافتتح المزاد: سهرة برفقة عارضة الازياء الشهيرة مقابل 3 الاف جنية... فكرت كاتي ان الثمن المطلوب مرتفع, ولكنها لم تدرك انه لا يقارن بالثمن الذي ستدفعه هي لمن رسا عليه الزاد
فلن يكفي جيك عرانتون لاطلاق سراحها, لا مالها ولا ممتلكاتها... ولا حتى قلبها... فما هي الفدية اذن؟

كان جيك قد طلب منها الزواج منذ أربع سنوات... ولكن ما يطلبه الان مختلف

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