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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harlequin' Capricorn Man by Jacqueline Gilbert (June 1, 1985)

From the back of the book:

'She promised to be on her best behavior. Nicola couldn't resist the richness of the situation. 

Michael, her childhood adversary, needed a legal secretary in Surrey, and his younger brother and sister were too much of a handful-even for him.

Michael had always had too many responsibilities thrust upon him too soon-and Nicola had been one of them. As a child, she'd given him the devil's own job keeping her safe when she tagged along after him and his cousin Kit.

As far as Michael was concerned, Nicola gravitated toward danger-always had and always would-even when it came to love.' 

My Review:
I LOVE this book a lot!! Read it several times!! But the names of the characters in my edition were different according to translation... this must be one of my favorite books of all time! To me there names are Macy and Lance, and there cousin Leo!

There are so many parts I absolutely love! Like when Macy was arranging the Christmas tree decoration and fell from the stairs into Lance's arms. When she helped her cousin save the drowning dog. When she and the butler were talking about Lance. When Lance and Macy fight and then make up out breakfast. When he follows her to the beach and declare his love. When they all go to their aunts anniversary party and Lance and Macy dance!!

Nicola Redford had been raised with Kip, Noel and and Michael Dalmain, her mother Adele was a singer, but she felt Nicola would be better off being raised with her cousins than being drug from one concert to another.

So the Delmains took her in, since Adele's youngest sister married widower John Dalmain who already had Michael by his first wife. Michael became the leader of the gang of Kip, Noel, and Nicola. They were always into something and Michael had to be extra careful to keep Nicola, the only girl in the gang from getting hurt. 

Years later when Nicola was an adult she came back to help Micheal with his 14 yr-old sister Cassandra. Noel now 17, Kip now 32 and Cassandra were Nicola's true cousins, but all of the cousins looked at Michael now 33 as the leader of the cousins.

Nicola secretly had a crush on Michael, when she was a child so all the wild things she did as a child were meant to impress Michael. And although it did, it also kept Michael on his toes because he has always been in love with her. But she knew she loved him truly when she was looking at him in the Christmas party she arranged at his house.

Now that they are in the same house, Michael finds he is very attracted to his almost cousin, and she seems to be drawn to Kip. Nicola notices that her hero Max in her books looks exactly like Michael, that gets her thinking about her feelings for him.

Then Kip gets engaged, and Michael wants to console Nicola, but he finds Kip at her apartment kissing her after he gave Hester her engagement ring.

That causes a fight between Kip and Michael, but Michael also rips into Nicola only to end up in bed having sex with her.

She then flees to her mother and step-father and spends sometime with them, but Michael follows, while they are walking at the beach all their love and memories start coming out and they confess their love for each other.

My Copy:

  روايات أحلام
الفجر المر

انتصور أن الزمان عاد بنا الى الوراء وعدنا أطفالا فماذا يمكن أن نغير؟

لو حدث هذا مع مايسي لصححت عدة أمور... الا علاقتها مع لانس!... يجب أن تستمر علاقة العداوة والشجار بينهما كما بدأت... والا فما هو البديل؟ انها لا تجرؤ على التفكير
مايسي الان في 28 وها هي 20 سنة مرت على بدئ علاقتهما, متقاربان كأخوة الدم, متنافران كالقطة والفأر. وقد ينقضي عمر مايسي هكذا... بدون حب, بدون فارس أحلام... الا اذا حدث ما يجبرها على التفكير وليت هذا لا يحدث!!... فلانس قد أصبح الان ملك امرأة اخرى

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