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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harlequin' The Black Eagle by Anne Hampson (1975)

From the Back Cover: 
Roxanne had always been rather used to doing as she was told without question -- which was presumably why, when the mysterious Mexican Don Juan Armando Ramires, known as 'the Black Eagle', swept into her life, married her, and carried her off to his hacienda, Roxanne found herself meekly submitting to it all.

And so she embarked on this curious marriage -- for certainly it was no ordinary marriage. The hacienda, she was told, was haunted still by the spirit of Marta, the girl Juan had worshiped, and always would worship. Indeed, it was only because of her striking resemblance to Marta that Juan had married her.

In time, Roxanne's hatred of her husband turned to love -- but what chance had she of reaching his heart?

My Review:
It's a very strange and strong love story that happens between Juan who lost the love of his life but fond it in Roxanne who looks exactly like her. Roxanne is determined to run away from him even if she is highly attracted to him, in the end of course, love wins!

My Copy: 

روايات عبير

تحسبين الدقائق


من قلب الأشياء الميتة تولد احيانا زهرة.وهناك دائما بارقة أمل في قلب اليأس تطل وتختفي.دون خوان راميريز فكر ان موت خطيبته هو نهاية العالم . أغلق على نفسه ابواب الحياة وظل يعيش بعيدا عن الناس في مزرعته الموحشة طيلة عشر سنوات .ولكنه صدفة

يلتقي روكسان الجميلة,زهرة مجتمع سمع بها قيل ان يراها.انها صورة طبق الأصل عن خطيبته, وهذا بحد ذاته كاف ليجعله يخرج من عزلته بحثا عن شعاع مستحيل

كيف يقنعها بحبه وهي ترتعش خوفا كلما رأته,هذا الرجل الذي يلقبونه (بالنسر الأسود) لأنه يشبه طائرا جارحا؟

والسراب الذي وجده وتشبث به كالغريق ,كيف يحوله الى حقيقة؟

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