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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harlequin' Beyond Her Control by Jessica Steele (June 1, 1987)

From the Back Cover:
It was time to live for herself

Brooke had held the family together ever since her mother's death, putting off her own dreams for the sake of her father, younger brother and sister.

So when her sister, staying at a chateau in France to upgrade her French before university, developed a crush on the chateau's owner and decided to stay, it was only natural that Brooke should rush to the rescue.

And it was also only natural that Brooke, naive and inexperienced with men, after meeting the handsome worldly Jourdain Marchais, should fall in love with him herself!

My Review:
OMG!! I finally found this book!!! I read it when I was about 14 but in an Arabic translation edition, so the titles and the names were all different! I looked for it everywhere!! I LOVE this story!!

It tells a story about Colleen, who sacrificed her life and future to take care about her twin brother and sister and her widower father.

Her sister Marsha goes to France to spend her holiday and falls in love with an older French man, Colleen goes nuts because her sister write to her and tells her she isn't coming back or going to college. 

So she heads to France to get her spoiled baby sister back home, and ends up falling in love with Roger Beauchesne herself.

My Copy:

روايات أحلام
قنديل الضباب
ضحت كولين بمستقبلها وتخلت عن طموحاتها لكي تؤمن لشقيقتها الصغرى مستقبلا ناجحا... ولكن كل تضحياتها بدت مهددة بأن تذهب هباء... والسبب: روجيه بوشين

أوضح اليأس ما يجب أن تفعل... ستقتحم عليه قصره وستفتح معركة في عقر داره لكي تخلص أختها من براثنه, فمن يظن هذا الرجل العابث نفسه؟
ولكن كيف لكولين أن تفلت بعد أن وقعت هي نفسها في شباكه؟

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