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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elusive Paradise by Lilian Peake (December 1, 1986)

From the Back Cover:
Lynsey Thorpe issued the challenge lightly.

It was a fun thing, meant to brighten up a friend's post-wedding party. "Who'll be prince to my Cinderella?" she asked.

The man who answered was in earnest--a handsome stranger who wove a spell about her that she found irresistible. He swept Lynsey off her feet into an unknown world of passion and excitement.

Too late Lynsey discovered who he really was. Madoc Morgan, brother of her friend. The man who'd just taken over the company that Lynsey worked for, a man whose dealings with staff were known to be totally ruthless!

My Review:
This is a very cute book, filled with crazy passion between two strangers! They met in a party thrown by her company, later she finds herself with an amazing man, they make love but then reality comes and she discovers he's her boss! The huge C.E.O of the company.

They marry after 3 days but don't truly act married until the end. The characters names are different in my edition, They are Hazel and Garret. 

My Copy:

روايات أحلام
كل الرقصات لك

وعادت سندريلا: "من يجد لي فردة حذائي يكن أميري هذه الليلة!" وأتى الامير حاملا حذاءها: رجل أسود الشعر, على وجهه ابتسامة ساحرة, ونظرة صقر يريد الانقضاض على فريسته

لم تعد هايزل منذ النظرة الاولى كما كانت, فقد خطف غاريت قلبها, وسرق الضحكة من عينيها, ثم رحل
وبقيت هايزل وحيدة, تؤنس وحدتها ذكرى أمسية يتيمة ضمتها مع رجل عنده كل صفات أمير الحكاية الا أن قلبه من حديد

فهل من يعيد لسندريلا الحزينة ابتسامتها الضائعة؟

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