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Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Deal [2003]

How to Deal is a 2003 film directed by Clare Kilner and starring Mandy Moore, Allison Janney and Trent Ford. It is based on two novels by Sarah Dessen, That Summer and Someone Like You.

Product Description

Mandy Moore stars as Halley, a young hip high school student who believes that love will never happen to her and that her life is a mess. Her father is marrying a woman she can't stand, her mother is alone, her sister's wedding plans are taking over her life and her friends at school only care about cheerleading and football. All seems lost until she meets a boy who shows her what love is all about.


Product Description

RuLe #1 THeRe are no RuLeS.
A lesson in love for non-believers.

Grandma Halley: First loves are never really over. Nobody's perfect, Sweetheart. But that doesn't mean it wasn't worth your while.

Sometimes life gets turned upside down. And maybe that's why it's so hard to believe that anyone, especially 17-year-old Halley Martin (Mandy Moore), could actually experience that thing called love.

Halley: You have to learn to walk. You have to learn to talk. You have to wear that totally ridiculous hat your grandma bought you. You have no say in the matter. And when you get a little older, even though you get to choose your hats, you don't get to choose what they put in those meatballs in the cafeteria, or when to fall in love. Sometimes things happens and you just have to deal.

The people closest to Halley are in the midst of major upheavals in their love lives. Her mother, Lydia (Allison Janney), is embittered by her recently finalised divorce. Her sister, Ashley (Mary Catherine Garrison), is marrying a guy with whom she is constantly fighting. Her best friend, Scarlett (Alexandra Holden), can't keep her hands off of her first serious boyfriend. Most distressingly for Halley, her father, Len (Peter Gallagher), who is a DJ at a local radio station, combats his mid-life crisis with a stereotypically boyish elopement to the station's much-younger traffic reporter.

Halley: Let's just think of the day my parents divorce went through as "Big Ugly Hat Day".

So how's Halley supposed to deal? She isn't about to let herself succumb to the pipe dream of storybook romance, and Macon Forrester (Trent Ford) is the one guy who challenges her idea that love just complicates a perfectly good friendship. As Halley's life grows more and more complicated, she finds a friend in Macon, but when she feels herself falling for him, will Halley move beyond her fears and disappointments to experience real love?

  1.     Billy S. - Skye Sweetnam
  2.     Do You Realize?? - The Flaming Lips
  3.     It's On The Rocks - The Donnas
  4.     Why Can't I? - Liz Phair
  5.     Wild World - Beth Orton
  6.     Not Myself - John Mayer
  7.     That's When I Love You - Aslyn
  8.     Thinking About Tomorrow - Beth Orton
  9.     Promise Ring - Tremolo
  10.     Take The Long Road And Walk It - The Music
  11.     Waves - Marjorie Fair
  12.     Surrender - Echo
  13.     Wild World - Cat Stevens
Macon: Hey I'm back
Halley: you really don't get it do you? and I don't want to wait for you to grow up.

Halley: The quickest way to ruin a relationship with someone is to actually try to have a relationship with them.
Halley: Oh Macon, I think I like you too much already to actually go out with you.
Macon: What kind of logic is that?
Halley: It's logical logic. Haven't you ever noticed that when two members of the opposite sex get together eventually someone ends up getting hurt?
Plot Summery:

Halley Marie Martin (Mandy Moore) is a seventeen-year-old high school student who is disillusioned with love after seeing many dysfunctional relationships around her. Her parents are now divorced and her father, Len Martin (Peter Gallagher), a radio talk show host, has a new young girlfriend that the entire family despises; mainly because she's the reason for the divorce. Her mother, Lydia (Allison Janney), is now always alone while her sister, Ashley, is so overwhelmed by her upcoming wedding that she barely exists in the house anymore. On top of that, the shallowness of all the girls and guys at her school convinces Halley that finding true love is impossible.

Michael Sherwood: "The first we met, you stole my heart."
[Macon snatches the card from Michael]
Macon Forrester: "Good luck in finding a compatible organ donor." Nice.
[Michael makes a face]
Macon Forrester: I'm kidding, okay? It's blank inside.
Michael Sherwood: You know something? You're not too funny, Forrester. This girl is amazing - unlike you - and she's sensitive - unlike you. And she's sexy...
Michael Sherwood: unlike you.
Macon Forrester: [said simultaneously] Unlike me. There's gotta be a card... for a redhead... from a newly smitten hunka hunka burning love. I mean... look. Summer romance has its own section.
Michael Sherwood: It's not a summer romance. I mean... Scarlett is...
Macon Forrester: Standing right behind you, dude.

When Halley walks in on her best friend Scarlett having sex with her boyfriend, the high school soccer champ, Michael Sherwood, Halley tries to warn her of the complications that lie ahead. Ignoring her advice, Scarlett embarks on a summer fling with Michael. In the meantime, Halley must deal with Ashley and the rest of the Martins must deal with her soon-to-be in-laws; Louis Worscher's overbearing Southern parents, who still have a maid, who just happens to be African-American. In the meantime, Halley runs into classmate Macon Forrester, a slacker who never shows up for biology and is more interested in having fun than school work. He is Michael Sherwood's best friend.

Halley: Oh my god, no, no, no, I can not believe I didn't tell you this. The bimbo almost died of strangulation. Her wedding veil took on a life of its own and rebelled, and she had to like claw her way out and you know that woman could claw mom. It was so sad it was like, near death by wedding veil. So tragic isn't it?

Then a few weeks later, tragedy strikes. Michael dies of a heart defect on the soccer field while Halley, Scarlett and other classmates watch helplessly. This event changes the lives of Halley and Scarlett forever. While Scarlett does her best to look beautiful for Michael at his funeral, Macon gives a moving speech about his friend. Struggling with Michael's death, Scarlett, at age sixteen, soon learns that she is pregnant with his child. With Halley at her side, Scarlett reveals the pregnancy to her mother.

Macon: If you are ready to jump, I will be here to catch you.

Macon: Your afraid to go out with me because you might actually like me?
Halley: No... but that's a good theory I guess if you want to protect your fragile male ego because you can't handle rejection.

Macon: You're gonna let this slide, because it's only the first day , it was an honest mistake, and the fire got put out as quickly as it was started.

Halley and Macon eventually start a relationship. It goes well until they get into a car accident on New Year's Eve. Halley gets a broken arm, but otherwise they both walk away from it unharmed, but Halley breaks up with Macon. Later things go awry when Halley finds Ashley drunk on the family's front porch. Finding a male stripper's thong around her neck, Halley witnesses the break-up of her sister's engagement. She also learns that her mother sneaks out once a week to have sex with a man she met a couple of weeks previous, Steve. After another make-up, Lewis proposes to Ashley again, this time at a crowded airport; she says yes. Halley's father, Len Martin marries his mistress, Lorna, in a beach-side ceremony, with guests from all over the world...or "within his radio frequency" as Halley puts it.

Halley: Some people fall in love. I had to crash into it.

On the day of Ashley and Lewis' wedding, Macon bursts into their father, Len's radio studio, professing his apologies and love to Halley. He then heads to the wedding. On the way, he finds Scarlett, who insisted on walking to the wedding, going into labor on the side of the road. He puts her in the car and walks into the wedding, getting Halley's attention. The three rush to the hospital, leaving Scarlett's mother behind.

Macon: So do you hate me?
Halley: Not you, per ce. I hate the way that your hair falls in your face. And I hate the way that your voice gets really low when you're serious. [Macon bites lower lip]
Halley: And I hate the way that you bite your bottom lip when you're nervous. And the way your eyebrow goes [whistles and motions with hand]
Halley: like that. I hate that.
Macon: So that's it? You just hate the way I walk and talk and look.
Halley: No. That Jedi mind trick thing? I hate that.

Macon: You're going to move closer to me so I can wrap my arms around your waist. And on the count of 3... 2... 1 [kisses]
Macon: You're a good kisser.
Halley: You tricked me. You Jedi Mind Tricked me.

Scarlett gives birth to a baby girl, while Macon and Halley make up and decide to pursue their relationship, while dancing in the hallway.

  • The scenes were filmed at St. Timothy's Anglican Church in North Toronto, Ont., Canada.
  • Scenes were also shot in the Westdale Village, Westdale, Ontario in Hamilton, Ont., Canada.
  • Mandy Moore's house in the movie is shot on William Street, Oakville, Ontario.
  • Mandy Moore cut her hair short because she felt it suited the role; the movie producers were not happy about it. In the end they compromised and had her wear hair extensions for some of the movie and later had her hair being cut on screen written into the script.
  • Someone like You and That Summer were put together into this movie.
  • The school scenes were filmed at Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, Ontario. 
Macon: Dun, Dun, Dun. Stand back. Leaf man to the rescue.
Halley: Where did you get that?
Macon: Well you know a guy's gotta pay for gas and bacon burgers somehow right?
Halley: And toys because I imagine star wars figurines must get pretty expensive.
Macon: I do not have any star wars figurines... well... not many. And I don't play with them... much.
Macon: When I ask you to go out with me this Friday night you're gonna think you're the one asking me because you're gonna say 'yes Macon, I would love to go out with you because I know we'll have a totally great time together. In fact, I'd been hoping you'd ask me all week.'
Halley: You wanna go out on a date with me?
Macon: See, I told you you'd ask me. 

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