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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hub Ul Binat | حب البنات

I LOVE this movie!! I've seen it a lot of times. It always gives me a warm feeling. It’s one of the best Arabic movies of the 21c.

The Title
Ashraf Abd El Baqy playing Muheeb
Muheeb after moving to Nada's buliding, taking care of his office.

Bored and looking for true love.
"Drink water every night before you go to bed."

After I watched Nora Roberts' Montana Sky I knew from where the story has been taken.

Hub El Bannat is a remake of Nora Roberts' Montana Sky, minus the killings and murders parts! They made it more close to the Arabic culture, in any case I LOVE both movies a lot, and have them both on DVD.

Montana Sky, also known as Nora Roberts' Montana Sky, is a 2007 made-for-TV movie. It was directed by Mike Robe, and stars Ashley Williams and John Corbett.

Nada played by Layla Olwi being very sad after her father's death.
Meeting their new neighbor Muheeb, and meeting her sister Ghada.
Half-sisters (Three different mothers and one father “Mustafa Abu Hagar) Nada, Ghada, and Rouaya "Roka" Abu Hagar are left their wealthy father's multimillion-dollar money and apartment, after his death. The only stipulation is that the girls will have to live with each other for a year.

Having never previously met, the three sisters, who have very different personalities, (Nada loves to cook and take care of others - Ghada is sporty and edgy, always nervous and can’t let anyone in - Roka is Half-English, Half-Egyptian who likes to have fun but feels lost) agree to the strange situation, despite having reservations about their forced family reunion.

During their trial, the three girls fall in love, and realize that maybe their situation wasn't such a bad thing after all. They discover what family means, and how wonderful it is to have sisters. They start viewing their womanizer father differently, and even Ghada start missing him.

Nada returns to her school sweetheart Omar, Ghada marries the hottest guy in campus, the sporty Hazim, and Roka leaves the actor superstar Kareem and marries their family shrink Muheeb who tells the whole story, having been the shrink of the three girls. (I love Ashraf's voice, it's very deep and beautiful.)

Ghada's mom trying to get her to live with her sisters so she can have her father's money and so she could marry again.

Ghada played by Hanna Turk
Trying to open up and let love and life in.
Scaring off her true love Hazim when she thinks he was making fun of her with his friends.
Hazim asking Nada for Ghada's hand.

Ruka trying to fit in.

Dumping Kareem and feeling lost again.
Kareem asking for love and respect not just as a guy, but as a star.

Finding happiness and love with Muheeb of all people!

Finding love and happiness with Hazim.
Finally being with Omar after so many years of breaking up and getting together.
Leaving a superstar to find herself.

Omar surprising Nada with her banner cooking show "Tabak El Nada".

Omar trying to ask Nada to be his wife.

Ruka convincing her sister that she should be with Omar.
Afraid to love.

The Cast

Layla Olwi - Nada Abu Hagar
Hanna Turk - Ghada Abu Hagar
Hanna Shyha - Roqaya Abu Hagar
Ahmad Aze - Omar
Ashraf Abd El-Baqi - Muheeb
Khaled Abu El-Naja - Kareem
Ahmad Barada - Hazim

Hanna Turk and Khaled Abu El-Naja
The Cast
The Cast

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