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Friday, October 19, 2012

Beastly [2011] The Movie

Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) is the arrogant and vain son of wealthy news anchor Rob Kingson (Peter Krause). 

At a party, he bullies the eccentric Kendra Hilferty (Mary-Kate Olsen). Disgusted, Kendra magically transforms Kyle into a bald, tattooed and scarred shell of his once-handsome self. Kendra says Kyle has until the next spring to find someone who loves him or he stays this way forever. His father Rob takes Kyle to live in a private house with their maid Zola (Lisa Gay Hamilton) and Kyle's blind tutor Will Fratalli (Neil Patrick Harris). Rob initially promises to support his son, but gradually neglects his son over time and stops visiting him after work altogether. Angry and hurt, Kyle finds sympathy from Will and Zola.

As spring draws closer, Kyle finds himself infatuated with Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens), a girl from his former school who he had initially been as distant to as he was to Kendra. Spying on her, he sees her father, a druggie, engaged in an altercation with two drug dealers. He shoots one, who vows vengeance by taking Lindy's life. Kyle saves Lindy, and persuades her father to allow Lindy to move in with him. Initially, Lindy is furious about hiding and doesn't speak to Kyle, but eventually, Kyle (now calling himself "Hunter" around her) reveals himself and they begin to warm up to each other. Kyle writes a letter to Lindy professing his love to her, but he never plans to give it to her, in fear of Lindy not feeling the same way. Closer to spring, Kyle goes to visit Kendra begging for more time. Kendra refuses, but agrees to restore Will's vision and grant citizenship to Zola's three children in Jamaica as well as restoring Kyle to his original self if he succeeds in winning Lindy's heart.

Lindy receives a text message from her father that the criminal who threatened her life is in jail. She and Kyle spend an afternoon at one of Rob's private cottages on a lake. As they are about to kiss, Lindy receives a call notifying her that her father overdosed and is in a hospital. Kyle gives permission for Lindy to leave and see her father. After driving Lindy to the train station, Kyle gives her his letter, but regrets doing so when she tells him he's a good friend before leaving. Heartbroken, Kyle does not answer Lindy's phone calls, after she reads his letter. Inspired by Will and Zola, Kyle goes to meet Lindy one last time before she leaves on a school trip to Machu Picchu, and explains he did not answer her calls because he thought she only liked him as a friend. Lindy professes her love, and departs for Machu Picchu. Kyle's normal, handsome self is restored with Kendra's spell broken, but Lindy decides against leaving and tries to find "Hunter" again. She initially ignores Kyle while searching for Hunter, only for Kyle's phone to ring when she calls "Hunter". Realizing Hunter was Kyle, the two share a kiss in the street.

Will wakes up one morning and to his delight can see again. Zola finds three green cards for her children in the mail from the government. Kendra is also seen approaching Rob Kingson's office as a new intern, implying that Kendra will likely do the same thing to Rob as she did to Kyle.

In the alternative ending, he runs to school to find that the trip to Machu Picchu has already departed and runs away. He gets a voice message from Lindy saying that she didn't go on the trip because she loves him. He then gets an incoming call from Lindy, who is being abducted by Victor (the drug dealer). Kyle finds her and saves her, getting shot in the process. Her tears bring him back to life and restore him to his former self.

Having a Coke with You

Having a coke with you is even more fun than going to San Sebastián, Irún, Hendaye, Biarritz, Bayonne
or being sick to my stomach on the Travessera de Gràcia in Barcelona

partly because in your orange shirt you look like a better happier St. Sebastián
partly because of my love for you, partly because of your love for yogurt
partly because of the fluorescent orange tulips around the birches
partly because of the secrecy our smiles take on before people and statuary

it is hard to believe when I’m with you that there can be anything as still
as solemn as unpleasantly definitive as statuary when right in front of it
in the warm New York 4 o’clock light we are drifting back and forth
between each other like a tree breathing through its spectacles

and the portrait show seems to have no faces in it at all, just paint
you suddenly wonder why in the world anyone ever did them

I look at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world
except possibly for the Polish Rider occasionally and anyway it’s in the Frick
which thank heavens you haven’t gone to yet so we can go together the first time
and the fact that you move so beautifully more or less takes care of Futurism

just as at home I never think of the Nude Descending a Staircase or
at a rehearsal a single drawing of Leonardo or Michelangelo that used to wow me
and what good does all the research of the Impressionists do them
when they never got the right person to stand near the tree when the sun sank
or for that matter Marino Marini when he didn’t pick the rider as carefully
as the horse

it seems they were all cheated of some marvelous experience
which is not going to go wasted on me which is why I am telling you about it

Lindy: “What happened to romance? Sappy, soppy longhand love letters.”

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Aisha [2010]

Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) is a girl who believes she is perfectly suited for match-making - amongst her friends in particular. 

She is constantly criticized by her friend/neighbor Arjun (Abhay Deol) who advises her to stop meddling with others lives. She is unperturbed and carries on. 

She tries to make a match between her small town friend Shefali (Amrita Puri) and Randhir (Cyrus Sahukar). 

While at a party Aisha realizes her jealousy over Arjun. After the party Arjun and Dhruv (Arunoday Singh) get a drink and talk about Aisha, Dhruv tries to act like he is in love with Aisha and insults Arjun. Arjun punches Dhruv and hurts him. She fails in her attempts and in the due course, she tries to match up Shefali with Dhruv until one day she realizes that love does not come by force. 

She loses her friend Pinky (Ira Dubey) due to her actions who in the end falls in love with Randhir (Cyrus Sahukar). Shefali finds her love in Saurabh (an old friend). Aisha decides to go to Mumbai with Shefali and Dhruv. Shefali thinks that Arjun loves her. Then Aisha and Shefali have a fight. Shefali tells Aisha of how she had been treating her. 

She realizes that she had been selfish and arrogant all along, and has mistreated her friends. Finally, she goes back to her best friend (Pinky) and apologizes for her actions. She realizes that she was in love with Arjun; but finds it difficult to express. 

In the end, she finds the courage and expresses her love to Arjun.

Nora Roberts' Northern Lights [2009]

Lunacy was Nate Burke's last chance. As a Baltimore cop, he'd watched his partner die on the street-and the guilt still haunts him. With nowhere else to go, he accepts the job as Chief of Police in this tiny, remote Alaskan town. Aside from sorting out a run-in between a couple of motor vehicles and a moose, he finds his first weeks on the job are relatively quiet. But just as he wonders whether this has been all a big mistake, an unexpected kiss on New Year's Eve under the brilliant Northern Lights of the Alaska sky lifts his spirit and convinces him to stay just a little longer.

Meg Galloway, born and raised in Lunacy, is used to being alone. She was a young girl when her father disappeared, and she has learned to be independent, flying her small plane, living on the outskirts of town with just her huskies for company. After her New Year's kiss with the Chief of Police, she allows herself to give in to passion-while remaining determined to keep things as simple as possible. But there's something about Nate's sad eyes that gets under her skin and warms her frozen heart.

And now, things in Lunacy are heating up. Years ago, on one of the majestic mountains shadowing the town, a crime occurred that is unsolved to this day-and Nate suspects that a killer still walks the snowy streets. His investigation will unearth the secrets and suspicions that lurk beneath the placid surface, as well as bring out the big-city survival instincts that made him a cop in the first place. And his discovery will threaten the new life-and the new love-that he has finally found for himself.

Chapter Selections: 

Homicide detective Nate Burns (Cibrian) once lived a tough life in Baltimore, but decides to move to a small Alaskan town, after being offered the position of chief of police. Burns leaves Baltimore just a few weeks after his partner is shot and killed, feeling partially responsible for what has happened.

Nate finds himself not very welcome by the town's residents, but takes an immediate interest in Meg Galligan (Rimes). Meg is a young pilot, whose father left and disappeared in 1994; leaving her mother Charlene (Arquette), who Meg constantly argues with, to single-handedly take care of her.

Soon, Nate helps in the search and rescue of two lost mountain climbers, and asks for Meg's help in getting there. Upon their rescue, Nate also locates a frozen corpse, who turns out to be Meg's father. It's clear that he was murdered, as the axe used to kill him is still embedded in his body. Meg has trouble mourning for her father, because she has always been mad at him for abandoning his family.

Meg suggests that Nate begin to investigate, but he is reluctant to do so, explaining that he moved from Baltimore to avoid murder cases. After giving in, Nate starts collecting information, and soon finds that nobody in town liked the man, and that he had affairs with several of the townswomen.

Soon, Max, one of the locals, seemingly commits suicide. Nate believes that Max had something to do with Meg's father's death. This upsets Meg, as Max was a well-liked man in town. Eventually they find Max's journal, in which he admits to the murder. Nate however, doesn't believe he was the sole murderer, and refuses to believe that he committed suicide.

With the help of Meg, Nate continues the investigation. As they take their relationship to a new level, he finds out that they are being followed. Fearing for their own lives, Nate starts questioning everyone in town. Nate proposes to Meg, and soon after getting engaged, Nate is fired, because the locals have been complaining that all the trouble started after he arrived. Nate briefly considers returning to Baltimore, until he learns that an earring was found next to the body.

As the police arrive to arrest the murderer, he takes a woman hostage, and shoots Meg in the arm. He is arrested after Nate shoots him.

Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon [2007]

Tory Bodeen grew up in a small, rundown house where her father ruled with an iron fist and a leather belt--and where her dreams and talents had no room to flourish. But she had Hope--who lived in the big house, just a short skip away, and whose friendship allowed Tory to be something she wasn't allowed to be at home: a child.

After young Hope's brutal murder, unsolved to this day, Tory's life began to fall apart. And now, as she returns to the tiny town of Progress, South Carolina, with plans to settle in and open a stylish home-design shop, she is determined to find a measure of peace and free herself from the haunting visions of that terrible night. As she forges a new bond with Cade Lavelle--Hope's older brother and the heir to the Lavelle fortune--she isn't sure whether the tragic loss they share will unite them or drive them apart. But she is willing to open her heart, just a little, and try.

But living so close to those unhappy memories will be more difficult and frightening than she ever expected. Because the killer of Hope is nearby as well.

The film revolves around Tory Bodeen (Forlani), who is blessed - or maybe cursed - with the ability to see the past and present. The film starts with Tory returning to the small town where she grew up, the town where her best friend Hope was killed. Tory's father, an abusive religious fanatic, remains the prime suspect in the unsolved murder.

As the anniversary of Hope's death approaches, Tory resolves to face her demons, with the help of her childhood friends -- Tory's cousin Wade (Willett), Hope's twin sister Faith (Davis), and her older brother Cade (Hudson), who realizes his childhood crush on Tory hasn't ended. Will her friends be enough to save Tory?

Chapter Selections: 

DVD Description:
Claire Forlani, Oliver Hudson and Jacqueline Bisset star in this exciting thriller about a woman returning to her hometown to make peace with her unsettling past. 

Tory [Claire Forlani] knew coming home wouldn't be easy, even 

The Marrying Man | Too Hot to Handle [1991]

Charley Pearl is the heir to a toothpaste empire's fortune. He is a playboy who doesn't work for a living, spending his time indulging in hobbies like speedboats and fast cars. 

Charley is engaged to be married to the daughter of Lew Horner, a foul-mouthed, hot-tempered Hollywood studio mogul. Horner is concerned that Charley has no ambition of any kind and no apparent guilt about it. The studio chief warns Charley that if he should make Adele unhappy in any way, there will be hell to pay.

His four best friends—a comedian, a songwriter, a singer and a baseball manager (none particularly successful as yet)—accompany Charley on a drive to Las Vegas for a final bachelor's fling. 

Charley is willing to foot the bill for Phil, Sammy, Tony and George but is eager to get back home to his fiancee. They make a quick stop for a drink at a nightclub where Vicki Anderson, a glamorous singer, immediately disrupts Charley's thoughts of wedded bliss. He tries to pick up Vicki after her performance but is sternly warned that she belongs to somebody else. 

Vicki responds to Charley's charm, however, and obligingly offers to leave a window open at her home. Charley shows up and they end up in bed, only to be caught in the act by her other lover—Bugsy Siegel, the notorious gangster.

Rather than react violently, Bugsy amuses himself with the notion that he will take the scared-stiff Vicki and Charley to a justice of the peace in the middle of the night and make them marry one another. 

Charley drives her back to California and offers to pay her expenses, but Vicki walks out, wanting nothing more from him. In the meantime, their wedding photo pops up on the front page of the morning newspaper—with Charley's engagement announcement to Lew Horner's daughter appearing on a later page, as the enraged studio boss points out. Charley apologizes and still wants to marry a sobbing Adele. 

He agrees to get an annulment from Vicki and to pay a considerable sum to charity if he should dare disappoint Horner's daughter again.

Charley accidentally runs into Vicki again and can't help himself. Charley remarries Vicki and once again leaving his fiancee in the lurch. Lew Horner stops just short of killing Charley, instead sending a couple of thugs to beat him and toss him into a swimming pool. 

Charley accepts this as fair. Vicki is happy, too, momentarily, coming home with an offer that could advance her career, only to learn that Charley's father has died and he is needed on the other side of the country in Boston, where he is now expected to run the family's business.

Vicki puts her career on hold and spends two years in Boston, enduring high society and boring tea parties. She can't wait to get back to California and her career, but when Charley reneges on his promise, Vicki promptly gets a divorce. It doesn't take long for Charley to return west. He and his friends track Vicki to a nightclub where she has taken up with another shady figure. They become involved in a violent brawl. 

Charley then makes off with Vicki and marries her a third time, to the amazement of his pals. As a gesture of gratitude, Charley sinks millions of dollars into a movie studio where he intends to produce pictures featuring his wife. 

But while the careers of his buddies take off, Charlie and Vicki begin to have children and raise a family. Nothing at the new studio gets under way and Charlie goes broke. He angrily blames Vicki, who walks out on him yet again.

Divorced and depressed, a haggard-looking Charley is found by his friends quite a bit later at a nightclub, where he tells them he has recently gone into a promising new line of work: computers. 

He stares dreamily at the stage where Vicki is performing her act. Charley shows his friends a diamond engagement ring that he has brought with him. Vicki slides it onto her finger.

Nora Roberts' The Bride Quartet

Book I: Vision in White
Wedding photographer Mackensie "Mac" Elliot is most at home behind the camera, but her focus is shattered moments before an important wedding rehearsal when she bumps into the bride-to-be's encounter that has them both seeing stars.

A stable, safe English teacher, Carter Maguire is definitely not Mac's type. But a casual fling might be just what she needs to take her mind off bridezillas. Of course, casual flings can turn into something more when you least expect it. And Mac will have to turn to her three best friends-and business partners-to see her way to her own happy ending.

Book II: Bed of Roses
As little girls MacKensie, Emma, Laurel, and Parker spent hours acting out their perfect make believe "I do" moments. Years later their fantasies become reality when they start their own wedding planning company to make every woman's dream day come true. With perfect flowers, delicious desserts, and joyful moments captured on film, Nora Roberts's Bride Quartet shares each woman's emotionally magical journey to romance.

In Bed of Roses
, florist Emma Grant is finding career success with her friends at Vows wedding planning company, and her love life appears to be thriving. Though men swarm around her, she still hasn't found Mr. Right. And the last place she's looking is right under her nose.

But that's just where Jack Cooke is. He's so close to the women of Vows that he's practically family, but the architect has begun to admit to himself that his feelings for Emma have developed into much more than friendship. When Emma returns his passion—kiss for blistering kiss—they must trust in their history…and in their hearts.  

Book III: Savor the Moment
Wedding baker Laurel McBane is surrounded by romance working at Vows wedding planning company with her best friends Parker, Emma, and Mac. But she's too low-key to appreciate all the luxuries that their clients seem to long for. What she does appreciate is a strong, intelligent man, a man just like Parker's older brother Delaney, on whom she's had a mega-crush since childhood.

But some infatuations last longer than others, and Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is still out of her reach. Plus, Del is too protective of Laurel to ever cross the line with her-or so she thinks. When Laurel's quicksilver moods get the better of her-leading to an angry, hot, all-together mind-blowing kiss with Del-she'll have to quiet the doubts in her mind to turn a moment of passion into forever...

Book IV: Happy Ever After
As the public face of Vows wedding planning company, Parker Brown has an uncanny knack for fulfilling every bride's vision. She just can't see where her own life is headed. Mechanic Malcomb Kavanaugh loves figuring out how things work, and Parker is no exception. Both know that moving from minor flirtation to major hook-up is a serious step. Parker's business risks have always paid off, but now she'll have to take the chance of a lifetime with her heart...

Nora Roberts' Sanctuary [2001]

Successful photographer Jo Ellen Hathaway thought she had escaped the house long ago. It was where she spent her loneliest years, after her family was shattered by the sudden, unexplained disappearance of her mother.

But now, the sprawling resort off the coast of Georgia haunts her dreams. Even more haunting are the pictures that someone is sending her - strange close-ups, candid shots, and finally, the most shocking and heartbreaking portrait of all: a photograph of her long-lost mother. . . naked, beautiful, and dead.

Jo realizes that it's time to return to Sanctuary. The island inn, still run by her estranged family, brings back painful memories and the troubled relationships she struggled so hard to escape and forget. But it seems that her stalker can even breach the safety of this tiny island, where everybody knows everybody - or thinks they do. And Sanctuary may be the most dangerous place of all.

Nora Roberts' Carnal Innocence [2011]

In the small town of Innocence, Mississippi, days are long, nights are fragrant, and secrets are hard to keep. But when a brutal killer starts claiming the lives of the town's most attractive women, lifelong neighbors are forced to wonder if the culprit is a stranger lurking in the bayou...or someone right next door.

World-famous concert violinist Caroline Waverly knows nothing of the murders when she arrives in Innocence. Burned out from a childhood lost to endless rehearsals and an all-too-public breakup with the conductor who was her lover, Caroline is looking for a little peace and some time to think. She hopes that a stay at her late grandmother's house--the one with a covered porch just made for soft summer nights--will provide the tranquillity she needs. But Innocence has something else to offer Caroline: a man named Tucker Longstreet.

Blessed with the Longstreet good looks, lazy charm, and family fortune, Tucker is a tall, cool drink of water--and he knows it. He likes to keep his romances short and shallow. But one look at Caroline, and Tucker realizes that she is unlike any other woman he's met. Tightly coiled and coolly reserved, Caroline is determined to fight him off. She might be able to do a better job if she hadn't felt an unexpected thrill at his ardent advances...and if she hadn't been so scared after finding a third murder victim in the murky waters behind her home.

For Caroline Waverly, a beautiful summer interlude could turn into much more--or could stir a killer's crazed dreams. Because there's just one small problem with her new romance: Tucker is the leading suspect in the killings.

Based on the book by Nora Roberts. After suffering a professional setback, world-renowned violinist Caroline Waverly (Gabrielle Anwar) decides to head to Innocence, Mississippi, where she spent summers as a child, for some peace and solitude away from the spotlight. Shortly after arriving, Caroline meets the arrogant but charming Tucker Longstreet (Colin Egglesfield), a member of one of the town’s most prominent families, who is quickly smitten by her. But Caroline’s dreams for tranquility turn into a nightmare when she discovers the body of a young woman, the possible victim of a serial killer whom the authorities suspect may be Tucker. Caroline soon discovers that even in a town called Innocence, secrets have no place to hide. Oscar winner and multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Shirley Jones also stars.

Nora Roberts' Midnight Bayou [2009]

Set deep in the bayou of Louisiana-where the only witness to a long-ago tragedy is a once-grand house.

Declan Fitzgerald had always been the family maverick, but even he couldn't understand his impulse to buy a dilapidated mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans. All he knew was that ever since he first saw Manet Hall, he'd been enchanted-and obsessed-with it. So when the opportunity to buy the house comes up, Declan jumps at the chance to live out a dream.

Determined to restore Manet Hall to its former splendor, Declan begins the daunting renovation room by room, relying on his own labor and skills. But the days spent in total isolation in the empty house take a toll. He is seeing visions of days from a century past, and experiencing sensations of terror and nearly unbearable grief-sensations not his own, but those of a stranger. Local legend has it that the house is haunted, and with every passing day Declan's belief in the ghostly presence grows.

Only the companionship of alluring Angelina Simone can distract him from the mysterious happenings in the house, but Angelina too has her own surprising connection to Manet Hall-a connection that will help Declan uncover a secret that's been buried for a hundred years.  

The film revolves around Harvard-educated lawyer Declan Fitzpatrick (O'Connell); who impulsively gives up his settled life to buy Manet Hall, a newly restored plantation manor near New Orleans, which he has always been drawn to.

Local legends claim that the house is haunted, and shortly after Declan moves in he begins hearing voices and seeing things. Declan is also distracted by an undeniable attraction to Cajun local, Lena Simone. Lena was raised on the bayou by her grandmother Odette (Dunaway), and has her own deep connection with the manor.

While living in the house, Declan begins to have visions from a century past and details of events that took place in the mansion. With the help of Odette, Declan and Lena realize that they are inextricably linked with Manet Hall, and uncover a shocking secret that has been hidden there for more than 100 years.

Nora Roberts' Tribute [2009]

Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley is a long way from Hollywood. And that’s exactly how Cilla McGowan wants it. 

Cilla, a former child star who has found more satisfying work as a restorer of old houses, has come to her grandmother’s farmhouse, tools at her side, to rescue it from ruin. 

Sadly, no one was able to save her grandmother, the legendary Janet Hardy. An actress with a tumultuous life, Janet entertained glamorous guests and engaged in decadent affairs—but died of an overdose in this very house more than thirty years earlier. 

To this day, Janet haunts Cilla’s dreams. And during waking hours, Cilla is haunted by her melodramatic, five-times-married mother, who carried on in the public spotlight and never gave her a chance at a normal childhood. 

By coming east, rolling up her sleeves, and rehabbing this wreck of a house, Cilla intends to find some kind of normalcy for herself.

Plunging into the project with gusto, she’s almost too busy to notice her neighbor, graphic novelist Ford Sawyer—but his lanky form, green eyes, and easy, unflappable humor (not to mention his delightfully ugly dog, Spock) are hard to ignore. 

Determined not to perpetuate the family tradition of ill-fated romances, Cilla steels herself against Ford’s quirky charm, but she can’t help indulging in a little fantasy.

But love and a peaceful life may not be in the cards for Cilla. In the attic, she has found a cache of unsigned letters suggesting that Janet Hardy was pregnant when she died—and that the father was a local married man. 

Cilla can’t help but wonder what really happened all those years ago. The mystery only deepens with a series of intimidating acts and a frightening, violent assault. And if Cilla and Ford are unable to sort out who is targeting her and why, she may—like her world-famous grandmother— be cut down in the prime of her life.

The movie revolves around former child star, Cilla McGowan (Murphy), who has found more satisfying work, restoring old houses. In search of a normal life, Cilla buys her grandmother's farmhouse in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, to rescue it from ruin.

Cilla's hope for serenity is soon eclipsed by haunting dreams of her famous grandmother, who died of a supposed overdose in the house, more than 30 years before. Cilla soon begins a romantic relationship with Ford Sawyer (Lewis), her handsome neighbor, who ultimately comforts and protects her when her dark dreams and family secrets turn into a real-life nightmare.

Nora Roberts' Montana Sky [2007]

Half-sisters Willa, Tess, and Lily Mercy are left their wealthy father's multimillion-dollar estate, including his Montana ranch, after his death. The only stipulation is that the girls will have to live with each other for a year.

Having never previously met, the three sisters, who have very different personalities, agree to the strange situation, despite having reservations about their forced family reunion. The biggest problem that the girls face however, is the discovery of a saboteur in their midst.

It seems that when their father died, he left some bitter enemies behind, enemies who would love to see his daughters fail. Now, in order to get what is rightfully theirs, the three siblings will have to work harder than ever before to clean up the mess their father left behind.

During their trial, the three girls find love, and realize that maybe their situation wasn't such a bad thing after all.


When Jack Mercy died, he left behind a lot of enemies... and a ranch worth nearly twenty million dollars. 

Now his three daughters - each born of a different marriage, and each unknown to the others - are gathered to hear the reading of the will. 

Willa, the only one who knew her father, boldly expects that everything will be hers.  

Tess, who has reluctantly flown in from Hollywood, just hopes to fly back with as much cash as possible - as soon as possible. 

And Lily Mercy would be grateful for anything; she has learned to expect disappointment, even cruelty, from men. 

But the women are shocked to learn that before any of them can inherit, they must live together on the ranch for one year. 

They are sisters... and strangers. Now they face a challenge: to put their bitterness aside and live like family. To protect each other from danger - and unite against an enemy who threatens to destroy all. 

And finally, to weave together three very different worlds in this beautiful and isolated place called Montana...

Only You [1994]

After playing with a Ouija board with her brother Larry (Fisher Stevens), eleven-year-old Faith Corvatch (Marisa Tomei) becomes convinced that her soulmate, the man she is destined to be with, is named "Damon Bradley." This belief is strengthened when a few years later a carnival fortune teller tells her that "Damon Bradley" is the name of the man she will marry.

Fourteen years later, Faith is a teacher at a Catholic school and is engaged to a podiatrist. Ten days before their wedding, Faith learns that her fiancé's high-school classmate Damon Bradley will fly to Venice, Italy that day. Determined to meet him, Faith follows his trail with her sister-in-law Kate (Bonnie Hunt) from New York City through Venice and the Italian countryside to a streetside restaurant in Rome, but they never quite catch up with him.

Faith meets a young American man (Robert Downey Jr.), but has no interest until he identifies himself as Damon Bradley. They spend a romantic evening together and fall hopelessly in love. Then he reveals that his actual name is Peter Wright, so she angrily leaves him and prepares to fly back home. Meanwhile, a suave Italian businessman named Giovanni (Joaquim de Almeida) has been wooing Kate.

The next morning, Peter tells Faith that he searched for Damon overnight and discovered that he has moved on to Positano. Giovanni agrees to drive the three Americans there. At a posh hotel, Faith meets Damon, a good-looking playboy, and invites him to dinner. Peter spies on them at the restaurant until Damon makes unwelcome sexual advances with Faith. It turns out that this "Damon" is really a friend of Peter's who has helped Peter stage the entire scene.

Back in the United States, Larry finds out that his wife Kate is in Italy. He travels there to find her while Kate and Faith are again planning to return home. Larry arrives in time to make up with Kate. He also reveals to her that Faith's childhood "Damon Bradley" phenomenon was a prank: Larry intentionally spelt out the name on the Ouija board, then he paid the fortune teller to tell Faith that her true love had the same name. He hasn't told Faith the truth because he has been afraid she would never speak to him again.

Faith and Peter are at the airport when they hear Damon Bradley paged. At the information desk, they finally meet Damon, who is not especially handsome. Peter explains to Damon why Faith has been following him. He also tells Damon that he (Peter) is in love with her, then boards his flight home to Boston. Damon asks Faith if she loves Peter. She realizes that she does and rushes to join Peter on his plane. The airport staff delays the flight until Faith can board. She and Peter embrace and kiss as the passengers and crew applaud. Their plane then flies into the sunset.

Under the Lighthouse Dancing [1997]

Three couples travel to Rottnest Island near Perth, Western Australia for the weekend. One of the couples announces that they intend to get married and when the bride-to-be tells the others that she is terminally ill, they make sure the wedding takes place that weekend.

Lifetime' William & Kate [18 April 2011]

Who says fairy tales don't come true? 

William & Kate is the first of two unrelated American television films about the relationship between Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Middleton (now The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), directed by Mark Rosman and written by Nancey Silvers. The film was a ratings success, despite the negative reception from critics. The second film William & Catherine: A Royal Romance was produced by a different company and released in August 2011.

Produced by Lifetime, the filming of William & Kate took place mostly in Los Angeles, with some second unit location filming in the United Kingdom, and the release date was 18 April 2011. This came eleven days before the wedding of William and Catherine on 29 April 2011.

Kate Middleton is played by Camilla Luddington, a British-born actress, while the part of William is taken by Nico Evers-Swindell, a New Zealander.

Hallmark Channel' William & Catherine: A Royal Romance [27 August 2011]

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance is an American 2011 television movie that stars Alice St. Clair as Kate Middleton and Dan Amboyer as HRH Prince William of Wales. The movie also features Jane Alexander as HM The Queen and Victor Garber as HRH The Prince of Wales.

The Plot summary provided by Internet Movie Database is, "Chronicles Prince William and Kate Middleton, as young students at St. Andrews, William's Army training at Sandhurst Military Academy, their break-up, reunification, engagement and planning of royal nuptials, and advice from William's grandmother, the Queen."

"We are not afraid to explore the real side of the relationship and the challenges," Dan Amboyer, who plays William, said while promoting the movie at a meeting of the Television Critics Association. "Diana features in the film," Alice St. Clair, who portrays Middleton, said. "There is just really a great sense of relationships within the family. So there is William's relationship with his father and his brother, and you see him calling upon Diana's interview, and watching this interview that Diana did and using her words to kind of guide him through his troubled moments."

Garber, who plays the Prince of Wales, said the recent unavoidable worldwide television wedding event has likely boosted the public mood regarding Britain's monarchy. “I think it has done an enormous service to the royal family, and I think that this film really sort of attempts to kind of humanize them,” he said. “I think because enough time has passed since the tragedy of Diana’s death, that they’re sort of being seen in a different way. And I think that William and Kate have definitely had an enormously positive effect on their reputation, on their how they are perceived.” Even Garber’s character has likely enjoyed a boost in popularity, unthinkable once. “I think that he was vilified in a way,” he said. “Over time that has sort of softened, and yes, I think I certainly my opinion of him has changed somewhat having played him and listened to him. I think he’s kind of an amazing guy, actually.”

The movie is directed by and produced by Emmy® Award-winning producer Linda Yellen ("Playing for Time"). The co-producer is Emmy® Award nominee Brad Krevoy ("Taking Chance").

According to The Hollywood Reporter the movie is scheduled to air August 27, 2011 in the United States on the Hallmark Channel. The movie was filmed on location in Bucharest.

Shadows in the Sun | The Shadow Dancer [2005]

Weldon Parish is a great but blocked writer hiding from the world in Italy. He is hunted down by young writer Jeremy, who follows his mentor to learn about life and art, while Parish's daughter Isabella teaches him about love.

An aspiring young writer (Jackson) tracks a literary titan (Keitel) suffering from writers block to his refuge in rural Italy and learns about life and love from the irascible genius and his daughters. 

Meet Joe Black [1998]

Billionaire media mogul William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) is considering a merger between his company and another media giant, while also about to celebrate his 65th birthday with an elaborate party being planned by his eldest daughter Allison (Marcia Gay Harden). He begins to hear mysterious voices, which he tries with increasing difficulty to ignore.

His youngest daughter Susan (Claire Forlani), an internal medicine resident, is involved with one of Bill's board members, Drew (Jake Weber). She is considering marriage, but her father is not favorably impressed by her relationship. When she asks for the short version of his impassioned speech, he simply says, "Stay open. Who knows? Lightning could strike!" Shortly thereafter, Susan meets a vibrant young man (Brad Pitt) at a coffee shop. She is instantly enamored but fails to even get his name. Minutes after their encounter (and unbeknownst to her), the man is struck by multiple cars in what appears to be a remarkably serious motor vehicle accident.

The grim reaper of Death arrives at Bill's home in the body of the young man, explaining that Bill's impassioned speech has piqued his interest after an eternity of boredom. Given Bill's "competence, experience, and wisdom," Death tells Bill that in return for a few extra days of life, Bill shall be his guide on Earth. Bill agrees, and Death places himself at Bill's right hand as "Joe Black" and establishes a constant presence in Bill's home and work. Susan finds Joe appealing, but cannot understand why he is treating her like a stranger.

Bill's best efforts to navigate the next few days — knowing them now to be his last — fail to keep events from going rapidly out of his control. Drew is secretly conspiring with a man bidding for Parrish Communications, so he capitalizes on Bill's strange behavior to convince the board to vote him out as Chairman, using information given to him inadvertently by Bill's son-in-law Quince (Jeffrey Tambor) to push through approval for the merger which Bill had decided to oppose.

Susan falls deeply in love with Joe, who, now under the influence of human desires, becomes attracted to her as well. Bill angrily confronts him about it, but Death intends to take Susan with him for his own.

As his last birthday arrives, Bill makes a last attempt to demonstrate to Joe the meaning of true love and all it encompasses — especially honesty and sacrifice. Realizing finally that Susan was never in love with him, but rather the young man whose body he now uses, he abandons his plans to take her. He also comes to Bill's assistance in regaining control of his company, exposing Drew's underhanded business dealings to the board.

Informing her that he is leaving without saying why, Joe says a last goodbye to Susan. She senses the fact that he is more than he appears, and through an intense moment, she realizes who he really is, though she is unable or unwilling to vocalize this realization. Nonetheless, she is now aware of what is really going on between Joe and her father, and she dances with her father one last time, knowing he will be departing with Joe afterward. Bill takes the time to assure her that everything is alright, and that he has no regrets. As the fireworks go off at the end of the party, she tries to get Bill to go down and watch them with her, but he realizes it is time for him to go with Joe, and though he merely says "I'm just going to catch my breath." Susan knows that she won't see him again, so she gives him a final hug and walks down to watch the fireworks. Bill meets Joe at the top of a hill overlooking the party and together they reminisce about how difficult it is to let go of life. Joe escorts Bill away, with Susan observing from a distance. She then is astonished to see Joe return, only to discover that he is the young man whose body Death used, and this is his first glimpse of her since the coffee shop. Susan says, "I wish you could have known my father," knowing now that he is gone but that she is not alone.

Laws of Attraction [2004]

High-powered divorce attorneys, Audrey Woods (Moore) and Daniel Rafferty (Brosnan) , have seen love gone wrong in all its worst case scenarios—so, how bad could their chances be? At the top of their respective games, Audrey and Daniel are a classic study in opposites. She practices law strictly by the book; he always manages to win by the seat of his pants or by "cheap theatrics" as Audrey says in one scene. But soon they are pitted against each other on opposite sides of a nasty public divorce between famous clients, with the case centering upon an Irish castle, named Caisleán Cloiche or rock Castle, that each future divorcee has their sights set on. Audrey and Daniel travel to Ireland to chase down depositions, yet the two lawyers, who have been slowly developing a mutual attraction that neither wants to acknowledge, find themselves thrown together at a romantic Irish festival. After a night of wild celebrating, they wake up the next morning as husband and wife. Audrey is shocked but Daniel seems to be all normal. They return to New York and find their marriage news has been printed in a popular tabloid the next day. This is when Audrey decides that they should stay together to save their careers. But they are fighting the divorce case with the gusto they always had in the courtroom. Meanwhile they both start developing mutual attraction while staying together at Audrey's house. While disposing of garbage one day Daniel discovers some sensitive information about Audrey's client, which he spills accidentally in the next day's court proceedings. Audrey feels betrayed and asks for a divorce there and then, which Daniel agrees to give.

Their famous clients, meanwhile, go to Ireland to their castle, but they are not legally permitted to go there. Judge Abramovitz (Nora Dunn) sends their respective counselors (Audrey and Daniel) to Ireland to inform them that the law does not permit them to be in the castle till a proper settlement, i.e. division of assets, is done.

But to everybody's surprise the famous couple is reunited and it turns out that the priest who performed Audrey and Daniel's marriage was just a servant at the castle and not a priest, and the marriages he performed were just a part of the festival's celebration. They were anything but real.

Audrey and Daniel are shocked and Daniel returns to New York but Audrey follows him as she realizes that she has fallen in love with him. They have a court marriage at the end which is carried out by Judge Abramovitz.

Enchanted [2007]

Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in Andalasia, an animated fairy tale world with talking animals and happy endings. Prince Edward (James Marsden), her designated true love, saves her from a troll and they plan to get married the next day. Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Edward's evil stepmother, schemes to protect her throne, which she will lose once Prince Edward is married. She throws Giselle into a portal that transports her to the real world.

Giselle ends up in the middle of Times Square in New York City. After a number of misadventures, including causing a minor car accident, accidentally being caught in a crowd and getting on the subway, and having her tiara stolen by a homeless man in the Bowery, she meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), a hardened, yet friendly divorce lawyer. At his daughter Morgan's (Rachel Covey) insistence, Robert lets Giselle stay at their apartment. Following the ways of her fairy-tale world, Giselle recruits urban animals (of the breeds generally believed to be household pests) – pigeons, cockroaches and rats – to clean his apartment while she fashions a dress out of his curtains. Robert's girlfriend whom he was going to propose to, a fashion designer named Nancy (Idina Menzel), misunderstands the situation and runs off after arguing with Robert.

At Robert's law firm, his secretary Sam (Jodi Benson) tries to get Giselle back home, but is unsuccessful. Robert offers Giselle money, intent on going their separate ways at Central Park. However, Giselle immediately gives it to an old woman who remembers Edward stabbing an MTA bus in Times Square. Deciding that Giselle needs his protection, Robert rejoins her. While walking through the park, Giselle questions Robert on how he displays his affection for Nancy and helps Robert reconcile with Nancy by sending flowers to her, along with tickets to the King's and Queen's Ball.

Meanwhile Narissa's henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) follows Prince Edward and his chipmunk Pip who have journeyed to New York to rescue Giselle. Nathaniel is given three poisoned apples, and is told to make sure Giselle takes a bite out of it. He makes his first attempt to kill Giselle as a vendor and hands her the apple as a caramel apple, but it fails when Giselle inadvertently throws the apple in the air and it gets lodged in a bicyclist's helmet, burning through his helmet and leaving a round bald spot on his hair. Nathaniel and the prince then spend a night at a motel, where Nathaniel questions his adoring but servile relationship with Narissa after watching a soap opera on the television. Finding Giselle and Robert at an Italian restaurant, Nathaniel serves her a poisoned apple martini while disguised as a waiter, but Pip foils Nathaniel's attempt. Angered by these failures, Narissa goes to New York to kill Giselle herself.

As Giselle and Robert spend more time together, Giselle discovers that the real world is much more complicated than she realized, while Robert is affected by her optimism and idealism. After a brief argument with Robert, Giselle realizes her own emotional growth and her growing feelings toward him. Edward continues to look for Giselle, eventually finding her at Robert's apartment. While Edward is eager to take Giselle home and marry, she insists that they first go on a date, which she has learned is customary in the real world. They end their date at the King's and Queen's Costume Ball. After Nancy and Prince Edward pair off to dance, Giselle dances with Robert. Giselle realizes that Robert is her true love as he sings the lyrics of the song to her. Edward and Nancy seem to realize the attraction between Giselle and Robert also discover a mutual attraction. Using her old hag's disguise, Narissa poisons Giselle, but her stepson thwarts her escape attempt.

Nathaniel exposes Narissa's plot and reveals that one must kiss Giselle by midnight to break the poison apple's spell. After Edward's kiss fails to wake Giselle up, Robert kisses her. Giselle comes out of her coma and admits that she knew Robert was her one true love. Narissa uses the distracting moment to break free. Deciding to write her own ending to the story, she transforms into a dragon. When Robert protects Giselle, Narissa takes Robert hostage, luring Giselle out the window and up to the top of the Woolworth Building to kill her. However, with Pip's involvement, Narissa falls to her death. Giselle catches Robert, and they save themselves from falling to their deaths.

Edward finds Giselle's discarded shoe and places it on Nancy's foot before they leave for Andalasia to get married. Giselle uses her magical dress-making talents to run a successful boutique shop, assisted by both humans and animals. Both Nathaniel (in New York) and Pip (in Andalasia) become successful authors, writing self-help books based on their experiences. The last scene shows Giselle, Robert, and Morgan playing and living together happily ever after.

Chasing Liberty [2004]

Anna Foster (Mandy Moore) is the daughter of President James Foster (Mark Harmon) and First Lady Michelle Foster (Caroline Goodall). After Secret Service agents ruin a first date, Anna demands some freedom. For their upcoming trip to Prague, the president agrees to assign only two agents to watch over Anna, whose Secret Service codename is Liberty. In Prague, Anna and her friend Gabrielle La Clare (Beatrice Rosen) attend a concert, where Anna discovers numerous agents in the crowd. Believing her father has broken his promise, Anna eludes her protectors with Gabrielle's help.

Outside the theater, Anna meets Ben Calder (Matthew Goode), and asks for a ride on his motorbike. They go to a bar, where Anna proceeds to get drunk. Unknown to Anna, Ben is a Secret Service agent, and he informs agents Alan Weiss (Jeremy Piven) and Cynthia Morales (Annabella Sciorra) where Anna can be found. When the president learns of her behavior, he instructs Ben to guard Anna without revealing his true identity—giving her the illusion of freedom with a guarantee of safety.

Believing she is finally free, Anna jumps into the Vltava River naked, mistaking it for the Danube. As Ben rushes in to retrieve her, Weiss and Morales "buy" a tourist's camera containing pictures of the skinny-dipping Anna. Later, Anna and Ben climb a rooftop to watch an Offenbach opera being shown in a plaza. Weiss and Morales observe from a nearby rooftop. Anna falls asleep with Ben watching over her.

The next morning, Anna calls her parents. Initially relieved that his daughter is safe, the President's tone changes when he is shown photos of her skinny-dipping. Outraged at her father's tone and learning that he traced her call, Anna decides she will go to the Love Parade in Berlin. She and Ben board a train, where they meet Scotty McGruff (Martin Hancock), a flighty romantic who gives them a stack of Six Million Dollar Man stickers, instructing them to post them in random places, and one day when they are unhappy, they may come across one and it will make them smile. Ben discovers that they have boarded a Venice-bound train going in the opposite direction from Berlin.

In Venice, after checking in with agents Weiss and Morales—who are now growing closer romantically—Ben joins Anna and McGruff and together they explore the city. Later, after McGruff leaves, Anna realizes he has stolen her wallet. When Anna is recognized by tourists, she and Ben run off. With no money, they tell a kind-hearted gondolier, Eugenio (Joseph Long), that they recently married against her parents' wishes. During the free gondola ride, Ben kisses Anna to hide her from their pursuers. When he learns the "newlyweds" have no place to stay, Eugenio invites them to his house, where they are welcomed by his mother, Maria (Miriam Margolyes). That night, thinking their kiss was heartfelt, Anna offers herself to Ben, but he rejects her advances.

The next day, Eugenio drives them to the Austrian border, as Weiss and Morales show up at Maria's house and learn from Maria that Anna and Ben are married, which is then reported to Anna's parents. Upset at Ben's rejection, Anna hitchhikes a ride in a truck, leaving Ben to chase her through the Austrian countryside. Anna comes to a bridge, where she meets the Jumping Germans, a bungee jumping group. Ben arrives just as Anna is being strapped into the harness, and he insists on jumping with her. They jump from the bridge, harnessed together in a tight embrace.

Later that evening at the Jumping Germans' camp, Anna and Ben sit by a fire and eat s'mores. After one of the Germans, Gus Gus (Adrian Bouchet), asks Anna to share his tent for the night and she refuses, she flirts with Ben, who rejects her advances again. Upset by his rebuff, she declares that she will share Gus Gus's tent after all. In a jealous panic, Ben finally admits his feelings for Anna. As Ben's phone rings, he tosses it aside, and they spend the night together.

The next day, Anna and Ben make it to the Love Parade in Berlin. Anna meets up with Gabrielle while Ben goes off in search of a phone booth. As Ben tries to explain his actions on the phone to his fellow agents, Anna comes up behind him and discovers he is a Secret Service agent. Enraged at the apparent betrayal, Anna runs off, only to be harrassed by a group of men who recognize her. Ben comes to her rescue and carries her to a waiting helicopter, which takes off and leaves Ben on the ground alone.

Back at the White House, while preparing for college, Anna reveals to her mother that her heart is "a little bit broken." At college, with Weiss and Morales still protecting her, Anna sees a Six Million Dollar Man sticker and smiles in spite of herself, reminded of her European adventure. By now, Weiss and Morales have fallen in love and plan to marry. They acknowledge he will need to find another partner.

On her Christmas break, Anna visits her father who tells her that Ben resigned from the Secret Service and is now working as a photographer in London. Anna travels to London on an exchange program to Oxford University and visits Ben at an opera, where they kiss and reconcile, with Agent Weiss and his new partner looking on. Anna and Ben leave the theater and escape on his motorbike.